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“The contract was completed very soon and with no complications. The payment came on time as scheduled.

We were able to figure out in a few meetings the best options related to our needs. In the second step after receiving the plans and details we worked together to reduce some costs as well. And also in this period of time we saw the experience of Ayusa’s team. During the construction, we arranged with the Ayusa team a variety of small changes, improvements or corrections of points which were not correct. In general the all around quality of the building is of a high level. 

The service before the contract, the execution of SLB (Sale and Lease Back), the service during the building phase and the quality of the construction itself was good. Eckerle would choose Ayusa again. It was always a fair and open relationship.”


“We have received excellent service throughout our 10 year lease contract. Our experience with Ayusa has been professional, enjoyable, sincere, and flexible. We look forward to maintaining our relationship.”


“Since day one we noticed the quality of construction and the presence of Ayusa in the region. Because of this and their excellent service we chose Ayusa as our landlord.”


“We chose Ayusa as our developer because we recognized in the company and in the Ayusa people the perfect solution to fit our requirements for an industrial building in Mexico. Their values and business principles represented a great competitive advantage amongst their competitors. If we were to look back, we would make the same choice.” 


"The professionalism that Ayusa projected and the willingness to make the project happen together with superb customer support and service were the main reasons to choose Ayusa as our developer.”


"Ayusa is a professional organization that maintains a high level of focus on customer satisfaction. Whenever a concern arises, they are always very responsive to our business needs. They recognize a company's need to manage their business without interruption." 


“Overall the experience with Ayusa has been completely satisfying. Even though our project was requested under an aggressive construction calendar, Ayusa delivered on time and budget as promised. It was their positive attitude that allowed us to overcome any obstacle we encountered during the process of construction.” 


“Ayusa is a developer highly concentrated on service. We have had a great relationship for the past nine years and just recently renewed our lease contract. A top notch company!” 

about us

Ayusa started as a construction company attending the northeast of Mexico, expanding into the interior of Mexico and into the United States. We began in the area of industry and soon offered logistics, retail, commercial and residential services. Taking into account the varied needs of our clients, we focused on offering integral solutions for their projects.

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our services

1. Inventory buildings
2. Site selection
3. Architecture and engineering
4. Construction & Project Management
5. Lease
6. Sale & Lease Back
7. Real Estate Development

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available lease space

In Ayusa we do not just work for you, we work with you. We listen carefully and dig deeper to bring you the best building solutions to create value for you in today is challenging market.
Today with a portfolio close to 3 million square feet of leased properties and a track record of 20 million square feet of construction we look forward to expanding into new areas and as we grow together with our clients.

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