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our services

It is because of these services, and the ability to tailor each project for each client, that Ayusa has been recognized as a high quality and efficient company throughout the years. 


Leasing is a process by which a firm can obtain the use of certain fixed assets for which it must pay a series of contractual, periodic, tax-deductible payments. The lessee is the receiver of the services or the assets under the lease contract and the lessor is the owner of the assets.

Ayusa’s flexibility to lease a space from 1 to 15 years to a single tenant or multiple tenants, and our commitment to keep our customers completely satisfied, have helped create long lasting business relations with our clients and financial institutions. With tenants renewing leases up to a third term, and new tenants coming in, we hope to maintain our portfolio and keep growing in the future.

about us

Ayusa started as a construction company attending the northeast of Mexico, expanding into the interior of Mexico and into the United States. We began in the area of industry and soon offered logistics, retail, commercial and residential services. Taking into account the varied needs of our clients, we focused on offering integral solutions for their projects.

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our services

1. Inventory buildings
2. Site selection
3. Architecture and engineering
4. Construction & Project Management
5. Lease
6. Sale & Lease Back
7. Real Estate Development

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available lease space

In Ayusa we do not just work for you, we work with you. We listen carefully and dig deeper to bring you the best building solutions to create value for you in today is challenging market.
Today with a portfolio close to 3 million square feet of leased properties and a track record of 20 million square feet of construction we look forward to expanding into new areas and as we grow together with our clients.

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